The Samuel Shaffer Index

Samuel is also known as Hans Woodman


Books by Samuel Shaffer
Three of which are co-authered with Samuel by W. C. Stuart and K. F. Nickle

Expedition of the Magi
Voyage of the Titans, (included in The Green Candle which is below!)
The Green Candle
The History of Veritanism,

The Art of Magicism,
, (The actual writing is WiL's on this one but I told him the story which is why it says it was under my direction.)

Paintings by Samuel Shaffer

House Under the Tree,
Oh Io
Green Wiseman,
Canada Riding on Swans,
The Forest,
Castle in the Clouds,
Floating Islands,
Door Walker Death,
Wind Titan,
Black Desert,
Dimensional Rips,
Blue Head,
Ice Tower,


Music by Samuel Shaffer (Ascention with lyrics. Vocals by Monte Emerson.)

House Under the Tree,


Oasis of Pillars



Orfacius is Watching You
, (Ascention with lyrics. Vocals by Monte Emerson.)
Song of the Forest

Green Star

Candy Cane Man
, (Vocals by myself.)

Dance Planet
Lost Land
Dream Formula Remix
, (Original by the Cynic Project.)

The World of Samuel Shaffer

The World of Atara,

Websites Pertaining to Samuel Warren Shaffer


Songs that People have Written for or about me; for which I am grateful for such great friendships

Into the Darkness
, By W. C. Stewart
Sam Story
, By W. C. Stewart
, By Monte Emerson
Voyage of the Titans
, By Monte Emerson

A Poem By Tyrel Murray

"I long for a day that has come and gone standing by the fire singing songs with my Brethren, Our triumph over the day is not at all questioned. For you hear it in our voices, for we feel it in our hearts. We stood united each of us Basking in the warmth of flame, Absorbing sent of the smoke later a confirmation that it was not all a dream. We few stood as titans on a Mountain, to become merely ants in the world, even as the ants though we keep moving able to move far more then just our selfs, Our ancestors tamed this world for us with their blood and sweat. They filled the Atmosphere with their songs of failure and victories alike. They Echo through Eternity. Quite your mind. Close your eyes feel with your heart and find your soul. We are the only Creatures capable of this. Stand united write your songs that they may be sung & added to the Rhythm of the earth."
- Tyrel Murray -